Depth Review of Razer Blackwidow V3 Quartz with Design, Features and More

This is a keyboard that shares many characteristics with the one already analyzed, such as its Razer Chroma RGB lighting, its Razer Green mechanical switches or the use of aluminum in its construction. But it also has very important differences, and you will immediately see how it enters the eyes. Let’s go there!


We took the keyboard out of the box and can finally admire its external design. It is clear that it will not leave absolutely anyone indifferent and will surely generate as many detractors as staunch fans with its pronounced pink color, or if we are more precise / exquisite a variant of the quartz color, hence the name of the keyboard.

The truth is that, since we really like this color, the chosen variant is simply perfect. Despite its extravagance, it surely looks great in practically any setup, where it certainly achieves an undeniable role. The desktop looks very different with that keyboard on it, although we do not know how long this “hype” effect will last for it. Of course after several days of use we still like it a lot.

A fairly basic wrist rest

The Blackwidow V3 Quartz comes with a rigid plastic wrist rest which is an interesting addition, although it is still fairly basic. You simply have to place it in front of the keyboard and use it, it does not have any type of grip beyond the non-slip pads on the bottom. Even so, in normal use it will not come off and the truth is that it can give you the extra comfort that many want. For those who do not need wrist rests (myself, for example) there is no problem: it is not used and that’s it.

As many of these aspects are shared with our recently analyzed Blackwidow V3 Tenkeyless, whose review we recommend you read, we will be shorter in the case of this Quartz version, obviously except for those things that do change.

the keyboard uses a complete layout, for which it also has a numerical part, unlike the Blackwidow V3 Tenkeyless. In addition, we have a key to pause or control the music and the classic Razer volume cursor that we already saw on many other of their keyboards.

Many will not miss the fact that the keyboard layout is not the ISO, but the American ANSI. This implies, among other things, that the symbols are in another arrangement, the Enter key is small, and the left shift is long (it lacks a key for <>, which are used with another combination). Given this, several comments can be made:

Users will be able to use the USA International keyboard layout that allows to put accents without problems, but to write the Ñ you have to use the combination Right Alt + N.
The ANSI layout is by far the preferred layout for keyboard enthusiasts, according to them it is much better thought than the ISO And the most important thing: this keyboard is going to be available with a ISO distribution, simply the unit we have this time is American ANSI. So do not worry, just check well what distribution is in the description before buying.

As we said, the volume slider is very comfortable, as it is basically an “infinite wheel” with which raising and lowering the volume will be a matter of a sigh.

Razer Green Switches

We continue with the use of mechanical switches, the hallmark of the Blackwidow compared to other options of the company itself such as the Huntsman, which release optical switches.

In any case, the years of evolution to the better guarantee the quality and durability of the Razer Green manufactured by Greetech that are used in this Blackwidow V3 Quartz. This is a clicky option, so they have audible tactile feedback, and it doesn’t feel like they go “top to bottom unhindered” like linear ones. This is something that you may like more or less, it depends on the user.

Razer-style stabilizers

Naturally, we are still facing stabilizers with Razer’s own design. These are some of the best that we can find within the famous keyboards, but they fall far behind the enthusiast options, which are lubricated and precisely aligned to give an experience without any wobble and with excellent sound. In fact, you will see later that for this reason the sound of the space key is not exactly the most interesting.

In any case, most users will be especially interested in the stabilizers remaining without coming off. We have seen keyboards from other brands where they can get out! In the case of Razer, they are very well attached thanks to the design of the keycaps, so we will never see a key come out by mistake.

Razer Synapse software and RGB capabilities

We are now going to review what the Razer Synapse software allows us to do , an essential control center for our Blackwidow V3 Quartz.

Its design and options is exactly the same as the Blackwidow V3 Tenkeyless. As we explained, the basic lighting modes that are offered to us are the following:

  • Environmental awareness (a kind of “Ambilight”)
  • Static color
  • Fire
  • Starlight
  • Audio meter (reacts to music)
  • Wave
  • Undulation
  • Reagent
  • Breathing
  • Spectrum rotation
  • Wheel

Beyond these, which are stored in the memory of the device, we can take advantage of Chroma Studio to create, modify or use much more advanced effects that combine various layers of the previous ones to offer extreme customization.

From the Razer Workshop, we have access to all of them with a quite surprising catalog, and many compatible options. For example, we leave you an example video of an effect that we have loved, since it is very attractive when there is no sound on the PC, and when there is, it reacts to it.

On this occasion, the answer that RGB leaves us is different from that of the Blackwidow V3 Tenkeyless. This is something radically obvious, it is not the same to illuminate a black surface than a totally pink one. Basically, it just means seeing how the colors tend more to pink, for example when we leave a static white color. But at the end of the day it is still a very satisfactory effect.

Really, having this keyboard on the table makes the desk look very different, standing out without a doubt. We understand that there are so many fans of Razer Quartz products, as the result has seemed beautiful to us. It is clear that for tastes, colors, we know that not everyone will like this color.

It is also quite clear that regular cleaning of this keyboard is very important, we are sure that with use it will see much more dirt, destroying its aesthetics. It is simply a matter of keeping it neat and cleaning it whenever it starts to look dirty.

Sound and function test

Let’s see now how this keyboard responds in terms of its loudness. Having clicky switches, we already know in advance that it will be noisy , the hitting of the keys will be very noticeable with their characteristic click sound. It is already something where each one freely decides if it seems something pleasant or something inappropriate.

What we have noticed here regarding the Blackwidow V3 Tenkeyless is a change in the sound of the space key, which could seem worse to the most demanding. This is most likely due to the outrigger wires.

Where obviously we have not noticed differences is in the operation, as impeccable as we expected . It couldn’t be less.

Final Words

We continue to analyze the latest Razer proposals for its well-known Blackwidow series. In this case, with the new Blackwidow V3 Quartz we analyzed a very extravagant product in terms of its design, taking into account its imposing pink color (or quartz, rather).

This color is undoubtedly the main selling point of the keyboard. It is clear that it is not an option for those who do not like it or even for those who seem somewhat indifferent. But surely there are many users eager to get a keyboard with this design. And is not for less.

All those people will obviously be interested in the quality of the keyboard. Well luckily Razer remains in line with the rest of the models in the range, that is, we have a good choice of materials with an aluminum faceplate, a resistant cable and a robust design. This leaves us with a satisfying typing experience. Let’s add its Razer Green clicky switches that, if you like them, you will be very good at it.

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