Review of Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds : Best Wireless Earbuds with Amazing Sound Experience

With the Hammerhead, Razer has ventured into the world of true wireless earphones for the first time. The Hammerhead True Wireless should not only be aimed at the gamers among you, but also leave a generally good impression in everyday life. To match this, Razer also offers the Hammerhead True Wireless in other colors than the somewhat aggressive black / green.

Let’s take a look at the Review or hear whether the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless can really convince. At this point, many thanks to Razer for providing the Hammerhead True Wireless.


The Hammerhead True Wireless are delivered and stowed in a comparatively small and simple charging box. This measures just 78 x 35 x 26 mm and weighs 46.2 g including the earphones With the hammerheads you currently have the choice between black, white and pink. White and pink, however, appear to be exclusive to Razer Store. It’s a shame, because the white color looks very good.

The charging box is made of a matt plastic, which looks very valuable. In general, the Hammerhead True Wireless look very high quality and the lid also looks nice and solid. It is clear that we are looking at slightly more expensive earphones here.

The battery built into the charging box can recharge the earphones approx. 3 times before the charging box itself has to be connected to the mains. There is a USB C port on the back for this. The Hammerheads last around 3-4 hours on a single charge.

Interestingly, Razer uses a semi-in-ear design for the Hammerhead True Wireless. That means there is no silicone attachment that seals your ear. Instead, you just put the earbuds in your ears.

However, Razer provides optional silicone “covers”. Although these do not ensure 100% sealing of your earphones, they can help a little with the sealing.

On the back of the hammerhead there is a touchpad to control the earphones. As is usually the case, switching on / off happens automatically when you put or remove the earphones from the charging case.


Due to the form factor, the hammerheads sit quite loosely and relaxed in your ears. These are not sealed, so you don’t have the same feeling of pressure as with many normal in-ears.

I usually use classic in-ears, but I can see the advantages of this form factor. The hammerheads feel more invisible and you are not as shielded from your environment. Ideal for public use. The bottom line is that I would rate the wearing comfort with a good “2”.


Let’s start with the most important point. The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless are “semi-in-ear” earphones. This means that they do not use silicone attachments to close your ears, which has a significant effect on the sound! As a result, the hammerhead cannot build up the pressure and “force” that normal in-ears do. However, this is a general disadvantage of this design and affects all semi-in-ear earphones.

But let’s take a closer look at the sound of the Hammerhead True Wireless, starting with the highs. The heights of the earphones are so far clean and clear. However, these are not “mega brilliant” or super airy. In return, the earphones don’t seem too sharp or exhausting. I think Razer has achieved a decent balance here.

The middle of the hammerhead are okay so far. These stand out neither particularly positively nor negatively. Voices sound so natural and clear.

The most exciting thing is of course the bass. Due to the semi-in-ear form factor, the Hammerhead True Wireless have problems building up the pressure necessary for really good bass. This is a general problem for all semi-in-ear models, regardless of whether they are from Apple, JBL or other manufacturers. But that doesn’t mean the bass is bad. I would rate the bass as solid to good! This is sufficiently full that music doesn’t sound thin or flat. The draft is also sufficient. Here, for example, the Hammerhead are significantly better than the Apple AirPods. But don’t expect hammerheads to be bass bombers, they don’t!

If you push the earphones a little deeper into your ears, you can even clearly hear that the bass is very good and only seems a little less powerful than with one or the other competitor due to the lack of sealing.

So the bottom line is that the earphones sound quite loose and airy. These also offer good dynamics. I would rate the maximum volume as good!


The Razer Hammerheads are highly recommended true wireless earbuds if you are looking for models with the “semi-in-ear” form factor.

In contrast to most other TWS earphones, you simply place the Hammerhead in your ears. These do not have any silicone attachments that seal your ears. As a result, they sit a little looser and do not shield you so much from the environment, which can be a good thing in the bus / train or in general in public.

This also makes the earphones interesting for users who do not like the comfort of normal in-ears.

However, a sealing is of course an advantage in terms of sound! The bottom line is whether we compare the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless with other semi-in-ear earphones, then they do very well thanks to the good bass, or with regular in-ear earphones. Regular in-ear earphones can deliver more bass and “pressure” than the Hammerhead.

Basically, the hammerheads sound good! These have a beautiful, dynamic and lively sound, which, thanks to the form factor, also appears quite airy.

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