Review of Samsung Galaxy SmartTag : An Affordable Tracker with Advanced Features

Because there is a lot of cluelessness in the world and Samsung has us deeply, today we bring you the analysis of a small locator of the South Korean brand ready to get you out of more than one predicament. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a Bluetooth-enabled tracking device with a maximum range of 120m or Galaxy Find Network through the SmartThings application . Ready to never lose anything again? Well go ahead, let’s start

The South Korean giant is one of the great magicians of electronics . Samsung encompasses all kinds of technology products related to consumer and service sectors , being especially known for its smartphones, televisions, monitors and tablets .


Among the product announcements carried out by Samsung last January 2021 was the Galaxy SmartTag, a small lightweight and compact tracking device that initially comes in two different versions: Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and Galaxy SmartTag + . The size and weight of both versions are identical in principle, with only differences in the color palettes and the precision of the system , something very common in Samsung products.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag has dimensions of 3.92 x 3.92 x 0.99 cm and weighs only 13 grams . It presents a square design with a rounded silhouette and free of edges, being present in one of its vertices a circular perforation to insert the locator in rings or rings .

This is a product made of plastic with a matte black finish . On the front we can see the Samsung logo in bas-relief , while on the back appears the name of the SmartTag line within a circle that delimits the area in which the multifunction button of the locator is located.

If we place both the device and the keychain next to a € 1 coin, we can verify that the locator has a very manageable size that we can not only place on our keychain, but also suitcases, pets and even inside our car or motorcycle. By presenting it with a discreet design, it is easy to disguise its presence at any given moment since here we are dealing with a tool that subordinates design to functionality , something very successful for a product with these characteristics.

How to Use

First things first: do we have to put batteries in it? How active? What software do you use? Samsung Galaxy SmartTag at first comes with a built-in button battery , which is a 3V CR2032 model .

Due to the low consumption of the locator, once placed we can expect an autonomy of up to 300 days of use, being able to check the battery status from the application . In order to start putting things in order, all we have to do to start is download the SmartThings app .

Another issue to consider is that for now Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can only be used with Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, S21 Ultra and Samsung Note 20 Ultra , although it is expected that it will be compatible with more terminals in the near future to cover the largest number of prospective clients.

SmartThings Software

Samsung’s SmartThings app is currently only available on Android operating systems . This is because this is the OS chosen for the company’s smartphones, although we don’t close the door to its being available in the Apple Store in the future so that Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can also be used on iPhone.

When we run the application for the first time after downloading it, it welcomes us and begins to search for compatible devices in the vicinity. For this we must have Bluetooth active or otherwise it will be a step to take up later.

It will also be necessary to link SmartThings with an account in Samsung Account . In our case we didn’t have one, so we opted to link it via gmail. After the two previous steps, SmartThings Find returns to the introduction to the use of the application and how to configure our Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. At this stage you will get a notification if there are updates available for the locator , something that is highly recommended to do.

We will then be in the SmartTag window within the SmartThings app. When you click on start, the application will start the device tracking program , which can operate in two ways:

First of all, if Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is nearby , we can send a signal via mobile to make it emit sound. This process is carried out with Bluetooth and has a maximum range of 120m .

On the other hand, in case the locator exceeds the Bluetooth location range , Samsung has devised a triangulation system ( Samsung Galaxy Find Network ) in which other company devices that are close to the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag will send us a signal encrypted (and anonymous) of its distance from the locator, creating, thanks to the interaction of several signals, an approximate location of where the device is located.

If we activate the Location on our smartphone and “Allow search with locator” in the app, we can see via GPS the exact area (within a few meters) where our SmartTag is. When approaching it, we must return to the first step and force a sound signal in case of not finding it with the naked eye.

Within SmartThings Find we can in turn choose from a catalog of melodies and set the maximum volume of the locator. Finally, the Battery tab will inform us of the remaining autonomy of the battery equipped in Samsung Galaxy SmartTag:

  • Complete: 91-100%
  • Average: 16-90%
  • Low: 6-15%
  • Very low: 0-5%

On a personal level, we consider that the Medium category should be divided into at least two parts (such as Very high and High) since it encompasses a much larger percentage than all the others, something that may make the user forget to check their status due to the long autonomy (up to 300 days) of the device. Also in this regard, it would be interesting to have some type of automatic alarm that notifies us when the battery becomes Low or Very Low, thus giving the user scope to replace the battery.

Regarding the user experience , the truth is that the SmartThings application is very concise , allowing us to make some basic adjustments to our device and check its location comfortably. Also here it is possible to link other devices since this is an app designed to control our “smart home” compatible with Samsung software.

We have not experienced any type of problem when locating the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag in ranges of 120m or more, but it is also true that if we are in an unpopulated area or without coverage, the location beyond Bluetooth is impossible since the device it does not incorporate geolocation , depending entirely on our smartphone.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a very good option to keep track of our checked bags on a trip or if we have a pet with escapist tendencies . In urban environments we will always have the support of the encrypted location (Galaxy Find Network) of other Samsung mobiles for a precise location, something that works quite efficiently and is safe and anonymous without the need for the knowledge or interaction of other users.

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