Review of Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones Lite : Cheap Earbuds with Premium Features

With the Mi TWS Earphones Lite, Xiaomi has launched new affordable true wireless earphones on the market. At first glance a very attractive offer. which should play a class over the already very good Mi AirDots? Let’s find out in the Review whether the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones Lite can convince.


It is already clear at first glance that the Mi TWS Earphones Lite is a slimmed-down version of the older Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro . Apparently, Xiaomi has left out the ANC feature and brought the earphones onto the market again at a lower price.

Xiaomi uses a somewhat unusual box shape for the case. The housing consists of a very valuable matt white plastic. This also appears to be quite thick-walled.

The lid of the charging box can be easily opened as usual and is held closed by sufficiently strong magnets. The construction is very stable and the lid hardly has any play. The charging box can recharge the earphones up to 3 times on the go, before they have to be connected to the mains via a USB C port on the bottom. The earphones last around 3.5-4 hours on one charge. Not a world class value, but okay so far.

Xiaomi relies on the well-known bridge design for the Mi True Wireless Earphones Lite. There is a small “bridge” that protrudes down from the earphones, up to the level of your earlobes.

Here, too, the processing of the earphones is 1a! Like the charging box, these are largely made of a very high-quality, matt white plastic. Only on the back there is no small disc of milled aluminum. This also marks the touch surface for operation.

You can pause / resume music, accept calls, etc. via the touch surface. Switching on / off takes place automatically as usual when you put or remove the earphones from the charging case.


In general, the fit of the Mi True Wireless Earphones Lite is not that bad. The earbuds are shaped okay and the ear canal is nice and thin and long enough.

However, the earphones slip a lot! This is not only due to the shape, but also to the silicone attachments. These are very smooth and slippery here. So no, the earphones are not suitable for sports or large movements.


How good the Mi True Wireless Earphones Lite sound depends extremely on the seat! As already mentioned, the earphones have problems keeping the ear 100% sealed because they slip out extremely quickly and easily. These do not fall out, but quickly break the seal, which has a massive negative impact on the bass. So the following is a description of the “optimal” fit sound.

These are beautifully clear, clean and sufficiently brilliant! These also exude a certain lightness, which I like very much.These tend to be quite inconspicuous. These are neither excessively present nor absent. Higher voices in particular are represented well, even if lower voices could be a bit fuller.

The bass is unfortunately the problem child of the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones Lite! If I press the earphones firmly into my ears, they offer good bass! This is full, not excessive, but with a good body. If I let go of the earphones, however, they loosen up immediately and the bass becomes significantly thinner.


I would only recommend the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones Lite to a limited extent. In principle, these are very good earphones at a very fair price!
The silicone ear pads of the Mi TWS Earphones Lite are incredibly smooth, which means that the earphones slip out of your ears quickly, breaking the optimal seal and causing the bass to collapse. This makes the earphones sound very flat and thin, unless I keep pushing them back into my ears. In this case, the Mi TWS Earphones Lite have a good balanced sound.

I would very much like to recommend the earphones, but unfortunately I can’t really do it due to the hold! Here you have to know whether you are taking the risk, maybe my ears are just weird, or whether you are trying other models.

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