Some WhatsApp Trick That you Should Know

Today everyone use WhatsApp so we have bring some useful WhatsApp tips for you. Here are some list of useful WhatsApp tricks that can you used it. You can share it with your friends to amaze him. You can also used it in daily life while using WhatsApp.


1. Message without coming online

  • open the google assistant
  • Command “Send a WhatsApp Message”
  • Select the contact and type the message

2. Know If The Other Person Saved Your Number

  • Click the 3 dots and create a broadcast
  • Add your target contact in the broadcast and send a message
  • Click the info button. If the message you sent has delivered to the target account then they have saved your number.

3. Compress

Many of you might have definitely looked for an app / website to compress images. For this you can use WhatsApp.

  • Send the photo which you want to compress to your friend.
  • Ask them to send the photo to you again.

Now you will get the compressed version of the photo.

4. One click share

  • No need to open the chat to share your status.
  • Open your story and click on the share button.
  • with this you can share status in one click.

5. Record WhatsApp Calls

  • Install “cube acr” App from Playstore or Chrome.
  • Whenever you call on WhatsApp you will get option to record the call.
  • You can also record Phone Calls, Skype Etc.

6. Font Tricks

  • Monospace font : For monospace font add three(”’) backticks on the beginning and at the end. Ex: ”’Have a nice day”’
  • Italic Font : For italic text add underscore (_) on both side of the text. Ex: _have a nice day_
  • Bold Font : For bold text add underscore (*) on both side of the text. Ex: *Have a nice day*
  • Strike through Font : For strikes through font add tilde(~) on the beginning and at the end. Ex: ~Have A Nice Day~
  • Combined Font : you can make the same text bold, Italic and even changes its font to strikes through. To do so enclose the text in the respective symbols. Ex: *~_have a nice day_~*
  • Emoji Texts : You can use emojis as text instead of letters. Just download emoji letter maker from play store.

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